Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

I declare that I give my full consent to the tattooing being carried out by Hunter aka Cloud Captor Tattoo/ The Antler Collective LLC mentioned practitioner. I confirmed that potential complication, e.g infection and swelling for the procedure undertaken and aftercare instructions have been explained to me. A written EKO aftercare advice sheet www.ekotac.com/aftercare instructions containing more detailed information has been given to me recommending EKO tattoo aftercare and I agree that it is my responsibility to read this and follow the instructions on it, until the site has healed.

I understand that in the event that I would like to change/amend my idea I will be charged for time associated with redrawing/rescheduling. This means conpensation to the artist in the amount of $250 per half day rescheduled and $400 per full day rescheduled. All clients have I reschedule on the deposit and may reschedule only in the event of a medical emergency or a 1 time reschedule on the same deposit if notified within I week of the appointment. Once booked you will have 72 hours to amend your idea before solidifying the appointment idea and any changes after this time will incur the fees above. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE By signing below you are agreeing to the above terms.

The Tattoo Process: the process involves injection of one or more types of organic pigment (not approved by the

FDA) into the dermis, layers of connective tissue beneath the epidermis. Once injected, the immune systems phagocytes are activated, swallowing the pigment. The result is the pigments permanent state throughout a homogenized layer. As the healing process begins, The damaged epidermis will flake. the dermis layers experience formation, of granulation tissue, the collagen growth converts the connective tissue trapped within fibroblasts. This leads to the stabilization of pigment beneath the epidermis. The process is conducted to the standards of an approved infection prevention and control plan by the state of California, with hospital grade hygienics.

By signing this agreement, I represent that I have provided my medical concerns with The Antler Collective LLC /Cloud Captor Tattoo

and I have stated and aave the following information;

  • My medical history pertaining to the safety of the tattoo including prescribed medication and any antibiotics prior to surgery.
  • Any questions regarding permanence, safety, aftercare, expectations, numbing, allergic reactions, process, and payment prior to the procedure.
  • I understand that a tattoo is permanent and read the tattoo process stated above in this form.
  • I am at least 18 years of age and have provided photographic evidence of valid identification and assume all responsibility of doing


  • At the time of reviewing this agreement, I am not under the influence of and narcotic, drug, or alcohol or any other decision altering substance such as prescribed medication that could affect the tattoo process or my ability to review and comprehend these terms and conditions.
  • I understand the possibility of infection and allergic reactions associated with the tattoo process.
  • I agree to follow all aftercare instructions provided to me including use of the recommended product. If I choose to use another method I am releasing all liability including touch ups and future appointments related to the tattoo done with The Antler Collective LLC/ Cloud Captor Tattoo.
  • I understand that variations of color and design may exist between the artwork presented on paper or digitally and the finished application of the tattoo. I understand that over time, color and clarity of the tattoo can fade/change due to exposure and naturally occurring dispersion of pigment.
  • I understand that dizziness and/or lightheadedness are experienced by some potentially during and after the tattoo process.
  • I understand that I am to pay for an agreed upon rate or fixed fee set forth below that such fee is for the artists time and not his or her work. I understand that under no circumstance will I receive a refund for the deposit or for the rate set by Cloud Captor Tattoo/ The Antler Collective LLC.
  • I understand that photos/videos may be taken during the tattoo process for marketing purposes and I have let Cloud Captor
    Tattoo/The Antler Collective LLC know my concerns and if otherwise unmentioned I agree to be shared on social media and other such publications used by The Antler Collective/Cloud Captor Tattoo.
  • I agree that I have eaten a full meal, had a full nights rest, drank plenty of water, and moisturized prior to the tattoo process.

Please read this carefully, I



By signing this

agreement, acknowledge that I understand and except as prohibited by California Law, I herein release The Antler Collective LLC and Cloud Captor Tattoo, its owners, general and or limited partners, officers, agents, contractors, employees, parent, and subsidiary entities such as shareholders also known as guest artists and artists affiliated with the company from any and all demands, liability claims, and or lawsuits arising from and or connected with the tattoo process and/or tattoo/permanent makeup products. I confirm that the above information provided by me for this consent form is correct to the best of my knowledge and I agree to the tattoo procedure by Cloud Captor Tattoo/ The Antler Collective LLC and assume all such risks associated with the process. I agree to signing digitally and in person. I agree to bring CASH ONLY to the appointment and card transactions will be subject to a 15% fee to recover transactions fees and will be subjected to taxes associated with the state the procedure is done in. I acknowledge that I have read this agreement in full and agree to be bound by its terms.

Deposit Fee:

Full Day $400/Half Day $250 once your appointment is booked this is

NON-REFUNDABLE and no longer applies to the tattoo process

Hourly Rate: Full Day $1600/Half Day $800 or $250 per hour