After Care


Please read these instructions carefully for the best outcome of your tattoo. I recommend printing this page for easy access when caring for your tattoo.


Follow the aftercare process with washed hands.

1). Wash your tattoo with Dial Gold (not the bar soap), using your palm to lather the soap in a circular motion. Wash thoroughly - don’t be afraid to add pressure from your palm, but do not use your nails or anything else to scrub it.

2). After you have cleaned your tattoo, wait for it to dry (air dry, do not dab it with a towel), then apply ointment.

  • You may purchase an aftercare kit from me made with organic herbs and natural pain killers for $30 (includes ointment, soap, and tongue suppressor sticks). I highly recommend it over store-bought ointments (i.e. A&D or Aquaphor) because they are skin barrier ointments as opposed to a skin healing ointment, meaning it will take your tattoo longer to heal.

3). Take a pea sized amount of ointment from the jar using a NEW tongue suppressor stick or glove. 

IMPORTANT: Do NOT use your bare fingertip or anything unsanitary (i.e. q-tips, tissue paper, used sticks, etc.) to put into the ointment. Also, do not double-dip or use excess ointment.

4). Apply the ointment on your tattoo and rub it in until it has a thin, dull shine over the entire tattoo. 


Repeat these steps 2-3 times a day until your tattoo is done peeling. Once it is done peeling, you may reduce this to 1-2 times a day.

  • Make sure your remaining tongue suppressors and ointment are re-sealed and stored in a clean, dry environment.

  • Avoid sharing aftercare products with anyone else.



  • Avoid ANY sun exposure on your tattoo, this may complicate the healing process.

  • Be careful around pets; scratches, hair, and saliva will lead to infection. If this exposure occurs, immediately and thoroughly wash your tattoo following the process above. It is best to prevent this in the first place.

  • Keep away from environments with dirt or any other harmful particles in the air.

  • Do not let other people touch your tattoo. Kindly tell them it is still healing.



Depending on how you care for your tattoo, your tattoo should look fully healed in about 2-3 weeks. After this point, you may stop the daily aftercare routine, but keep moisturizing your tattoo with either the ointment or unscented lotion. 

At about 4 weeks, you may go in a clean pool, but avoid it for a couple more weeks if you can.

IMPORTANT: Tattoos actually take about 6 weeks to fully heal. During this time, do NOT go in any ocean, lake, or river water.

You will experience some itching, scabbing, and peeling - this is normal.

  • If for any reason these are accompanied by excess redness and fever, or have an odd scent from the tattoo, contact me immediately.



Be sure to protect your tattoo from sun exposure with sunscreen! Ask me about a tattoo-specific sunscreen that will protect your tattoo from the sun, prolonging the vibrancy of your tattoo, which means less touch-ups!

If you follow the aftercare instructions and keep your tattoo clean, your tattoo will heal just fine! Remember, it is like a wound on your body (only with pigment in it) so it needs to be treated with care to avoid infection.

Please send me frequent updates so I may keep up with your healing process, it highly influences how your tattoo will look when it’s fully healed! If you have ANY questions or concerns about it, do not hesitate to contact me!